Maya Spore


I love writing stories. It gives me a way to conduct my lively fantasy and creativity into something I can share with others.
I have been writing farmost erotic content, but that doesn't exclude that I will write a thriller or comedy one day.
If the plot enters my head, and the time permits, a story will be born.

The biggest problem I have is finishing them. So much ideas come to mind that it's hard to stay focussed on one and finally write it down until it reaches 'the end'.
A few have though, they can be reached through this page.
Feel free to leave your comments!

I'd like to thank Eshva for her beautiful illustrations in The Sleepover. I feel glad that my stories are an inspiration to others as well!

Be sure to also take a look at Kara's Corner, the stories of my talented girlfriend Kara.

Commercial stories

Since May 2013, I also started publishing ebooks for sale at Smashwords, and from there on to their affiliates. This page contains a list of all my stories published there.
On my own website here, I published the first chapter of each as a teaser, so you can see if you like it enough to spend $0.99(!) to find out how they will end :-)

The Project

Maya is a professional. She lives for her work, loves her job, puts even her career above a relationship. But one day, her life is turned upside down and she is now destined to achieve that single goal that is left on her mind...
(first chapter only)

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There's a rapist in Maya's neighborhood. The police doesn't seem to be able to catch him and Maya gets more scared every time he struck. But then suddenly, the rapist isn't the worst thing on her mind anymore...
(first chapter only)

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Dare me

Maya and Kara are madly in love, but they live on the other sides of the world. To spice things up, they are starting a little e-mail game called "Dare me". Read how their dirty minds keep inventing new challenges and how they deal with them in very original ways.
A first cooperation between both authors on this site!
(first chapter only)

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The sequal to 'Sent on a trip'.
It's been two years since Maya sent her online friend Kara around in her city, making her perform daring acts. Since that day, she never heard from her again. Kara's house was for rent when she drove by, the girl seemed mad about what Maya had done to her and seemed to have disappeared out of her life.
Until that very morning when Maya had received a small message on her phone, sent by Kara...
(first chapter only)

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Maya in Wonderland

Maya is a young girl that recently graduated and is caring for her grandma to have some sort of income. She only recently found out she had a grandmother, as she had become an orphan at early age already and always was told she had no other family left.
Nana lives in a big estate, far away from civilization. Maya is bored during her grandmother's frequent naps, and decides one day to explore the big attic, looking for long-lost treasure.
Little does she know that finding an old pair of shoes in a wardrobe will be the beginning of a fantastic and sexy adventure... (first chapter only)

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The Day the Sun didn't shine

MJust a normal night at the Observatory, until suddenly the Moon seems gone. When pretty soon the Sun turns out to be gone as well, panic sets loose on Earth.
This will be the start of a huge adventure, where Maya will have to battle against enemies she isn't even able to name... (first part only)

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Finished stories

Attack of the Jarred Slime

In a country tormented with a bad choice of presidential nominees, a common girl and her cat are the first witnesses of a threat that will turn out even more menacing to the world.


Maya has a huge crush on Bobby. He is cute, he is muscular, and he is her bff's bf!
A short humoristic story.

The Island

Maya was looking so much forward to her vacation. The day she was boarding that plane, she was so eager to take off and travel to her destination. But during the flight, fate had some different plans with her and some very strange things started to happen, resulting in an exciting story!

Santa's little helper

Maya wants to find her boyfriend the best Christmas present ever. What looks like an easy task becomes very hard as she gets distracted every time she enters a shop.
Written for the Second Life magazine '♀♀LifeStyle™ Magazine©'

Meeting you in reality

Two girls are having an internet affair. One day, they finally meet in reality when one of the girls is visiting the country of the other.
But she's not alone, she brought her husband and children as well.
A story about how the power of love can conquer all possible obstacles in the way.
A big thank you for Terry who edited half of this story for me.

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Sent on a trip

Two girls are having an internet affair. One day, they decide to play a daring game.
What will happen if one of them starts giving tasks to the other?

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The Sleepover

A girl jumps up when someone rings her doorbell in the evening. It seems to be an old schoolfriend whose car broke down just a block away.
As she seems soaked by the pouring rain, the girl decides to let her friend in, knowing she used to be somehwat bitchy in school.
Luckily it's just one phonecall and she'll be gone.

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Stories in progress

The Story of Tee

Based on true events, this story relates about the Freshman year of Tee, a young female student living in conservative Southern USA. While she's already discovering things about her own sexuality that cannot be said aloud, something happens one day that strikes her in total surprise and will turn her life completely upside down.
To the chapters: 1  2  3  4  5 

50 Ways

Kara is one of the most famous singers in the world. Her lovely songs and voice made many a fan. One of them is Maya. Maya isn't a normal girl though, and that's why they keep her locked inside a mental institute. What will happen one day when Maya decides Kara is her one true love?
A second cooperation of both writers on this site.

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Meeting you in Reality again

The (hopefully) long awaited sequal to Meeting you in Reality.
Laura and Robert are planning another weekend trip, this time closer to home to the world famous Niagara Falls.
Sadly, there is no chance that this trip will top their last hot trip to Europe, where Laura had the chance to meet Maya.
Or is there?

To the chapters: 1 2 3 4

The Debt

Maya needs a legal document bad. So bad, she is willing to work as a maid for it to pay off her debt.
But, are the terms of the contract the same for both parties...?


Maya seems to have found the love of her life online in Chrissy. They live the times of their lives together in a virtual world. But then, during their very first webcam session, something unexpectedly happens...
My first attempt to write a non-erotic thriller!

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The Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome, n. expr.: Psychological involuntary state in which victims of kidnapping or abuse begin to feel sympathy, emotional bonding, and solidarity for those who are abusing them or keeping them captive in oppressive situations.

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Our little secret

A girl meets another girl at a party. From the moment she sees her, strange things are happing inside her.
What are these feelings she is starting to have? Could she be in love with this girl?
She wants to explore these feelings, but the other girl seems to have a secret too...

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