Maya Spore


Attack of the Jarred Slime

september 16th 2016

It's been scandalously long but finally, another update to the website. A complete, humoristic and free story named Attack of the Jarred Slime has been added for your enjoyment.

The Story of Tee

August 6th 2014

I'm happy to announce a new story in progress that is actually based on true events. They are not mine, but a young student's who has been so kind to share them with me and have them written out as a story.
To protect the people involved, all names have been changed and some of the events might have been altered a bit to fit the story better. The core of it is still genuine though, which makes this for me a special story to write.
I would like to thank the "real Tee" for sharing her story with me, and to allow me to share it on my turn with all of you.

More pyramids of Gold

August 6th 2014

A whole lotta more of this story available!
The Curse of King Tut is small potatoes compared to the havoc Maya Spore and her not-too-trustworthy assistant CeeCee unleash when they travel to the fabled plain of Giza. Missing Confederate gold bars, arrest by French authorities, an assassin in a snazzy fez, jeweled daggers, and a loyal cabbie who doesn't mind getting shot are just a few elements in this noir excursion which combines every cliche of pulp archaeology and detective thriller.
But it's funny, we promise!


June 27th 2014

Last weekend, I've won my first award as a writer!
After a few close attempts, I won the 'Climate Fiction award' from NITH with my story 'Corcovado Beach'.
I feel a little sad that I won with a story over our failing planet...

It makes me proud though that a non-English writer can win an English award in writing too. I hope it gives hope to all who are challenged by their mother language like I am.
The story can be found in the Awards section.

50 Ways, part III

May 05th 2014

The third part of 50 Ways, has been uploaded (chapters 22 through 30). Read on to find out what happens to the two protagonists. Will they love or kill each other?

Maya in Wonderland goes commercial

February 18th 2014

Maya in Wonderland has moved to the commercial stories, and will only be avilable for sale now.
This is my sixth ebook, check out the commercial part of the story page for a link.


September 23th 2013

I've recently started to enter online short-story contests, also to try and become a better writer (or even better ;-) ). I started enrolling in the Needle in the Hay awards, and after reaching their shortlist for a second consecutive time, I decided to brag about it now :-). You can find the contests I enrolled in, with their links, in the new 'Awards' page.

Kara's Corner

April 9th 2013

After reading more and more of the stories of my talented girlfriend Kara, I decided - with her approval of course - to create a page just for them: Kara's Corner!
Check it it out - today!

Introducing Likes

April 4th 2013 can't avoid them anymore and so my website has them as well now. I added them to a few stories like Target, The Island, The Project,...
In each chapter, you can push the like button if you... well, liked it :-)