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I have a job in Second Life, the virtual world of Linden Labs. If Second Life doesn't ring a bell, not much use reading this page further.
Since August 2010, I have become a scripter and created a virtual business for this under the name of MayaCreations.

MayaCreations sells the items that I made so far, but is also considering any custom request (preferrably heavily scripting based) for new items and provides scripting services to businesses.
I can also setup a database and php environment when data needs to be stored and retrieved externally. My website desgning skills are ever growing.

Contact for details, or IM me in-world.

MayaCreations has released only a few items so far, as most of my time I am working for someone else

Virtual store on Second Life Marketplace.


MayaHud: online tracker tool

Bouquet Tossing

An extensive system that allows all girls on your wedding party to participate into one of the highlights of the day: the tossing of the bride's bouquet. This system goes further than any other existing one, no more running to the place where the bouqet landed but it will actually fly into the hands of someone.

Garter Tossing

This system gives the groom the ability to first collect the wedding garter off his bride with his teeth. Afterwards, the (male) guests can gather around and enter the 'contest' of catching it. The groom will fling it to the winner.

Projects for others

Vendor system

House console