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Kara's Corner

Since a while, my friend Kara has been my biggest fan of my work. But then she got the virus as well, after a conversation about Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, and she started to write herself, displaying a lot of talent.
One thing lead to another and I decided to publish these story for her along with mine. So here it is: Kara's Corner.

I don't take credit for any of the stories published here. They are hers and hers only. Read for yourself how great they are :-)

Finished stories

Diamonds Aren't Forever

Maya is called upon by a man in black to investigate whether diamonds are, in fact, a girl's best friend. Along the way she leaves many a corpse, a shriveled, undead mummy, and cops who are, as usual, baffled. Aided by her devoted but dippy secretary CeeCee, Maya finds this case has facets which could change the world, or at least her sorry bank balance.

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Foundation and Maya

Maya is a talented mathematician, deeply in love with her boyfriend Doug. But around her 30th birthday, something happened that would change her life for good...

Dare me

Maya and Kara are madly in love, but they live on the other sides of the world. To spice things up, they are starting a little e-mail game called "Dare me". Read on how their dirty minds keep inventing new challenges and how they deal with them in very original ways.
A first cooperation between both authors on this site!
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Stories in progress

The Pyramids of Gold

The Curse of King Tut is small potatoes compared to the havoc Maya Spore and her not-too-trustworthy assistant CeeCee unleash when they travel to the fabled plain of Giza. Missing Confederate gold bars, arrest by French authorities, an assassin in a snazzy fez, jeweled daggers, and a loyal cabbie who doesn't mind getting shot are just a few elements in this noir excursion which combines every cliche of pulp archaeology and detective thriller.
But it's funny, we promise!

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50 Ways

Kara is one of the most famous singers in the world. Her lovely songs and voice made many a fan. One of them is Maya. Maya isn't a normal girl though, and that's why they keep her locked inside a mental institute. What will happen one day when Maya decides Kara is her one true love?
A second cooperation of both writers on this site.

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