Maya Spore


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2010-01-11 18:10:37

Just love to read your stories, Your so creative :-)


2010-01-23 21:35:46

Your stories are amazing, keep going.

belinda landau

2010-01-26 12:48:54

awesome stories , wow , you gave me a great evening reading . a sl fan :)

ededoz edman

2010-02-16 22:04:42

yep, i liked them maya.


2010-02-16 23:52:35

Thanks for all the lovely comments :))) Keeps me going.

ededoz edman

2010-03-06 14:53:18

will you hurry an write chap 5?

anna nevzerv

2010-03-31 17:11:17

love Your site ;-)


2010-06-08 07:06:47

Loved the story "sent on a trip" c u soon hon :)

ededoz edman

2011-06-08 10:38:59

hiya maya. long time no chat should get together some time for a chat.

isi (isa soulstar)

2011-10-23 13:46:40

wow lekkere verhaaltjes... had al een tipje van de sluier gekregen van een vriendin. En nu verzot je verhaaltjes aan het lezen :-)) Hoop dat er nog meer komen


2013-01-22 11:43:41

The only thing I love more than these stories is their author. Brilliant, sparking, sexy.


2012-09-04 01:32:43

Don't hesitate to use this page ;-)

Cody Schwarz

2013-02-04 20:21:16

Such wonderful stories.. cannot wait to read more.


2013-02-19 10:05:34

Target looks to be the most thrilling story yet. Wonder where you get such great ideas? Love your work! Kara


2013-04-09 10:05:13

Guess I'm not a "guest" any more, but now one of the hostesses, but I want to thank Maya so much for letting me have a corner of her wonderful site for my own. She is, obviously, my love and inspiration, and any merit in my own efforts is a result of what I have learned from her. And yes, I am proud to be her biggest fan!


2013-06-23 18:48:48

oh good, reading material! :D I am sure I will enjoy it.


2014-02-15 16:00:47

Awesome stories from an awesome person. Keep on keeping on I love your writing.


2014-06-23 13:10:52

Congratulations for winning the Cli Fi 1st prize at Needle in the Hay! Your entry, Corcovado Beach was so cleanly written and emotionally raw that I felt its impact as a surrogate "Eduardo" rather than as a reader reading words. You're a wonderful writer with a beautiful mind!

Taylor Barnes

2014-07-31 19:33:26

Love your erotica. The story of a Domme and her submissive ( or Submissive with her Domme ) Enjoyed "The Story of Tee" Awesome Thank you

Tyra Sciarri

2015-02-28 16:26:51

Some lovely stories from 2 people with vivid imaginations. Ideal if you just want to sit back and immerse yourself in their universe and have a thoroughly enjoyable time doing so!

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